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There's a lot of stuff on the Internet related to patent law in the United States and abroad. There are blogs. There are court decisions and PTO announcements. There are magazine and newspaper articles. A lot of times, a blog will address the same event or aspect of patent law as another blog. If you read very many blogs, you would notice that, when the same event, e.g., a court decision, is summarized or analyzed by multiple blogs, completely different aspects of the decision might be discussed or emphasized by different bloggers. Furthermore, some blogs will address some types of decisions and other blogs will address other types of decisions, so if you only read one blog, you may miss an important decision you may want to learn about. Even if you do read a blog entry that is of interest to you, it can disappear and be hard to find after a few days, when you forgot which blog you read the entry in.

This web site is created to fill 2 needs that I see with respect to the online world of patent practitioners, and me specifically:

  • a centralized index of patent-related legal resources, and
  • a centralized index of patent-related news.

My goal is not to provide comprehensive index to every blog entry or every Federal Circuit opinion. The main purpose is to collect links of interest to me and hopefully to other patent practitioners, provide easy access to the links, and to provide short blurbs relating to the stories linked by the links. I a mostly interested in patent practice in the United States, but I also care about how best to patent inventions around the world.

I created this as a wiki to encourage interested individuals to contribute. Because of instances of spam, I am forced to restrict users' access to read-only. but, if you would like to contribute, I would be more than happy to grant access to registered U.S. patent practitioners. As a preparation and prosecution patent attorney, my interests run toward court cases and PTO-related news that affect patent prosecution. Of course, if you are a litigator, you may be interested in a wider range of court cases, particularly ones related to procedural issues.

This website a personal project of its creator. Not all content is created by myself. Any opinions expressed here or in linked documents are those of the authors and not necessarily that of PatentBlurb's creator, his employer, or his clients. Please feel free to send comments or suggestions my way. Thanks


PatentBlurb uses only functional cookies (three of them) which are strictly necessary for maintaining user preferences, session information, and authentication after login.

Future Features

I would love to have a Dokuwiki plug-in that would automatically generate a table of contents on the main page. The idea is that blurbs can be added to the category pages, and the plug-in will automatically display recent blurbs from each of the pages. If anyone is interested in assisting me in this, I would be very grateful.

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