Timeline of prosecution in McKesson Information Solutions v. Bridge Medical

1st Patent 2nd Patent 3rd Patent
Patent Number 4,857,716 4,850,009 4,835,372
Appl Number 07/205,527 06/862,149 07/078,195 (CIP of the '278 Ap.)
Subj Matter 3-node communication
Examiner Trafton Lev Trafton
~08/12/1986 Schumann disclosed existance of '149 application to Ex'r. Trafton
2/26/1987 3-node communication claims rejected as obvious over Blum and Pejas
4/16/1987 Rejection in parent application 06/862,278
7/24/1987 Application filed
8/26/1987 narrowed claim 15 to “real time data communication” and added claims 19-23 drawing to two-node communication, three-node communication, and a programmable unique address
10/6/1987 Claim 6 introduced in parent application 06/862,278; argued that no references teach 3-node approach
10/23/1987 Telephone interview with Ex'r to discuss Ex'r's discovery of Baker (4,456,793); existance of Baker never disclosed to Ex'r Trafton
12/1/1987 All claims rejected based on Sunstedt, or Blum and Sustedt, Baker renders claims 22 and 23 obvious Schumann never discloses this rejection to Ex'r Trafton
12/8/7987 Claim 6 allowed
6/8/1988 Continuation resulting in '716 patent filed; claim 1 rewritten from allowed claim 6
6/17/1988 Further narrowed claim 15 to handheld terminals and canceled claims 19-24
12/16/1988 9 claims allowed
8/15/1989 patent issued
12/18/1989 Patent issues

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